The perfect partner is hard to find but is someone who holds the simplest qualities, someone who easily makes you laugh, puts in the effort, gently kisses when needed and says sorry when they should, someone who will be there to hold your hand and always tries to understand you.  Pamela and David have this in each other and it is beautiful to witness.  They have an endearing innocence yet a huge amount of respect for each other and those around them.


I was taken aback by so many things on this day, the unity in each of their families along with the unity of their families combined.  David and his dad could be brothers with Pamela's dad the best friend, with the girl's getting ready both mams giggled and laughed like they were life long friends, this is what makes a relationship so strong, that support and undying love between the whole gang.


Clonabreany is such an amazing venue giving an abundance of opportunity, the house hosts a beautifully warm reception where all the guests gathered filled with laughter and smiles, Pamela and David took every moment possible to mingle and greet their guests, it's always a pleasure to witness such happiness.  When the time came to take our formal photos we had the perfect area, sheltered from the short lived winds, to begin with the family shots, a short stroll with the bridal party brought us to courtyard and within minutes we were finishing up our session by the lake with just Pamela and David.


Before I finished for the evening I witnessed one of the most beautiful speeches I have ever heard when Pamelas Dad began his with one of my all time favourite songs, With a little help from my friends, all friends in the room joined in for what was a heart warming experience and one that will forever stay with me, a beautiful memory for all there. 


When I did finish my evening I left Pamela and David dancing together surrounded by their guests on the dancenfloor, knowing that this wedding would go down as one of my favourites, not because of extravagance or expensive but because of one thing, pure simple love, by the truck load.


Pamela and David thank you for giving me the opportunity to share your day and I look forward to when we meet again.

With all of my love,



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