I remember quite a few years ago, working a part time job, a young Lorraine admitted to me that she was crushing on Sean, the fruit and veg guy.  Sean was one of those lads, he was always smiling, upbeat about everything so it wasn't surprising that he had caught her eye.  A few weeks later he was dating the prettiest girl in the store.


Over the years Sean and Lorraine went to college, lived abroad and had many adventures.  I went into photography and although we ended up living close together, our paths did not cross again until the ring was on the finger.  Having a background with a couple makes the day even more special for me, I will admit, I did shed a tear for these two, I am so proud to have witnessed their early days and now their wedding, cementing their already strong relationship for life.


Of course Sean was laid back on the morning, the boys were filled with excitement and laughter with brothers and sisters popping in to say hello.  Lorraine and the girls were calm and collected, eager to get into their stunning dresses.  Speaking of the dress, talk about being made for a bride, Lorraine was the perfect person to wear this dress, it was like she came straight out of a magazine.


When the time came for walking up the aisle there was not an ounce of nerves between Sean and Lorraine, their eyes both lit up as they looked at each other and stayed that way for the rest of the day.  Any talk I heard from either family was filled with respect for both of them and huge amounts of pride, Sean's huge family were all there by his side to celebrate, Lorraine's smaller family eager to spend every moment possible with her.


I left the celebrations in flying form, knowing that not only had I been immensely blessed to witness this day but also that I was leaving behind a couple that I will forever be connected with.


Lorraine and Sean, it has been more than an honour and I cannot wait to hear of all your future adventures together.  I wish you every bit of happiness this life has to give.

All my love,

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