A wedding does not a marriage make.  A wedding is a day to celebrate, with each other and with friends and family, if lucky but it is not the marriage.  Marriage is what comes after, it is not a neatly wrapped box within which you receive glorious gifts, but a vow to work and commit to a life together.  You do not automatically receive undying love, you give it, you do not get endless romance, you make it.  Being married however, I promise, is the best form of friendship you can ever have. 


Colette and James are best friends, they had already begun building the foundation upon which their marriage would grow long before their wedding.  They already know the joys of having endless sleep overs with the best friend each could ever wish for, the safety of having someone to come home to each and every day, but now it is forever.  In front of friends and family both Colette and James vowed until death do us part.  That's a big thing.  Knowing this person has chosen you forever is huge and although in the first days and weeks after marriage we may not notice a difference, as time passes in a married life we realise, wow aren't I lucky?  Yes guys, you are so very lucky.


Colette is lucky because she has a man who is not afraid of doing the leg work for her, even if it does mean finding a photographer to suit them, a man who will happily step back and allow her to make the decision in booking that person.  James is lucky because he has found Colette, who has opened herself up so much to him that he can tell straight off what is right for her.  The great thing about this couple is not that they look fantastic together (which you guys REALLY do), not that they like the same things or laugh at the same jokes, as much fun as that is, but the greatest thing that I see is that they have completely opened themselves to each other that they automatically know what the other wants.  To know someone so deeply is the ultimate foundation of any lasting relationship and having the confidence to open yourself up to another person in such a way is the secret.  You guys have got that, you know, I know, sure we all know it!


As she walked up the aisle (almost ran only dad was holding her back) Colette was already looking at James as if to say, hey look, we did it.  They pulled off an amazing day, filled with family and friends, not a seat left behind them in the church and not a bum on a seat during dancing.  From start to finish this day was filled with hugs, kisses, laughs and giggles.  Their impeccable taste ensured they booked music to keep everyone happy, what a band, and a venue that never fails to stun (I may be biased as I chose the same one) but their love and devotion shone through no more so than in the faces of their smallest guests. 


I have never met page boys so honoured, flower girls so excited and even the other children so willing to hug a couple with such pride and joy, even on a wedding day.  This guys, is what tells me above all else that not only have you got the best foundation for a marriage but you have an over whelming amount of respect, mutual encouragement and determination.  You have made the choice to marry and you certainly have the ability to follow through with everything required to maintain and nurture your marriage, so from you I ask this.  Continue to choose one another, should you feel down choose the other to pick you up, should feel joy, choose the other to share it with.  Always remember you are the person you are now because of the one standing next to you and what I see is two admirable, strong and loving people facing the world, together.


I wish you both, your friends and family, all the best in your future.



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