Lorna & Mark's Wedding in Leixlip House

July 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

When my cousin Lorna brought in her gorgeous little boy Jamie for a photoshoot not too long ago she mentioned that herself and Mark were actively looking for a wedding venue.  Although I didn't expect for them to book me for definite I did say I would appreciate knowing as soon as possible the date so I could keep that day free.  Luckily enough there was nothing in the diary for the day of their wedding so I was delighted when they asked me to also take their photos.  This would be my first family wedding to photograph.


In early June the skies were still cloudy but there was a warmth in the air which made the day perfect for a wedding.  I started by visiting Mark and the boys at his mams house.  Not long after losing his dad Mark wanted to be sure his memory was included in the day, amongst the buttonholes was 1 extra in his memory.  These little details although not known to all are often the most significant to me, with all the effort and work gone into a wedding, all the stress and sleepless nights it needs to be remembered that this is a lifelong vow, this day signifies the beginning of a new chapter and many people played a part in getting a couple to this stage.  Unfortunately for Mark and Lorna one of the main players was not there in person but they ensured he was there in their hearts, as he always will be.


Off to Lorna's house, excitement was high, she couldn't wait to show me her dress, which by the way was magnificent and I couldn't wait to get stuck in photographing the details and getting the show on the road.  For every stage of a wedding day there are things that can quite possibly get me, yes we know I get excited about work but I can get a little emotional too.  The earlier sentiment had already given me the first pinch so by the time I walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind me to photograph my aunty Patricia helping Lorna into her dress I was already emotional.  Below you will see the shot that got me, the moment mother and daughter came together in pure excitement, delight and pride, there really is nothing like a mammy's unconditional love and pride and this was hugely evident with Patricia and Lorna.  Of course we then have the big reveal where I focus on Daddy to catch those tears that many a father tries to hide but just can't when his little princess walks up to him in full bridal glory, and here, Paul did not disappoint, the tears were a flowing!


This being a family wedding was not the only first, a dear friend who is also a registrar was performing the ceremony, the first we would do together.  I was so excited but slightly fearful that I may have a little giggle but I must say, Brian, you did an amazing job and I would happily photograph all of your weddings, you were a true pleasure for all involved.


Visiting Leixlip Manor for photos I had a special little sound track in place, ready to encourage some natural lovey dovey moments along with some up beat old school tunes for a laugh with the bridal party.  With everyone all smiles and happy they were only too willing to shake their little bottoms along to the music, David I am still waiting to see your video of this!


All in the day was a great success, food was amazing an it was such a pleasure to be a part of it.  Huge congratulations to my little cousin Lorna and her new hubby Mark and of course their little man Jamie!

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Flowers from Leixlip Flowers (Sharon)

Car from Gold Cars (Terry)

Cake from Tasty Bake (Denise)

Cake Topper from Caketoppers.ie

Bridesmaid dresses from Coast and My Dress from Frilly Frocks Drogheda

Suits from Suits in Fairview

hair by Ruth Carrick

Make by Mary-Ellen Darby

Band was Rewind


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