What dreams may be

December 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

At times I sit to write a blog and struggle, sometimes weeks after the wedding my memory might fade slightly and I have to look back on the photos and remind myself how the day went.  Not for this one.  Not with Siobhan and Jason.


I met Siobhan over a year ago when she was bridesmaid at another wedding.  We kept in touch via facebook and once engaged I was duly informed I would be required.  Unfortunately life isn't always as we plan it and things change but the thing is when life changes our dreams can change to.

So instead of a 2017 summer wedding, Siobhan and Jason planned a 2015 December wedding.  In about 10 weeks.  Siobhan and Jay were together so long, with 2 beautiful boys, they were bound to get married, they accomplished their dreams in their perfect children and in having found one another.  For Siobhan another of her dreams was to have her dad walk her down the aisle and this dream was more important than a summer wedding dream and so the wedding was planned, due to dad's illness in a reasonable time frame and in the hope he could be present.  And present he was.


On the day of the wedding there were tears when Dad's suit was hung by the bridal gown.  I was also instructed to focus on dad as Siobhan walked down the stairs, his presence was of utmost importance and given the fact he was released from hospital only the day before his presence was even more appreciated. 


Usually when I arrive at the church the bride arrives within 10 minutes.  30 minutes later the priest was worrying and we were all trying to contact Siobhan.  First it was funny then it became a worry but thankfully it was just a mere traffic jam and soon Siobhan was beaming walking up the aisle, with dad giving her away.


Life can be cruel at times, in so many ways and sometimes more so to some people, Siobhan had her fair share but she landed on her feet when she met Jay, as she well knows.  Jason gives her the security she needs, the love she deserves and the freedom to be who she was always meant to be.  Siobhan however, completes Jay.  He is a man who stands tall and confident but that is because she stands by his side and he could never be prouder that not only is she the mother of his beautiful sons but she is now, also, his wife.


Siobhan and Jay, I am so happy to have travelled this journey with you, short as it may have been and to witness how perfect for each other you are.  Your warmth and love is clear for anyone to see and I have no doubt that this is forever.  I am sure you will always know which dream is best to follow but I hope each and every one comes true for you.


All of my love,

Rachel xxxx


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