Coming home to share the love

July 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There's somewhere very special hidden in the hills in Wicklow.  A community of people that are as warm as all the Irish tales say.  From the very first time I visited Ballyknockan I fell in love, with the place, the people and all it's neighbours.  There's talent spread throughout this community, be it musical or artistic, they were all gifted with something and it is a pleasure to see.


On this wedding morning I was slightly more excited than usual.  I was heading up to the home of Lorraine and Richie, where I would begin to photograph the wedding of Niamh and Elie.  Less than two years ago I took the same trip for their sister Jenny.  It would be my sixth wedding within this small community so I knew I would be seeing plenty of friendly faces.


The Ryan family are all so warm and welcoming.  Big hearts with bigger smiles.  Richie, Niamh's brother in law blows me away with his enthusiasm and the pride he shows on a wedding morning and Lorraine, Niamh's sister makes my eyes leak with her beautiful voice every time I hear it, which I must say Lorraine, is nowhere near enough.


Home for the wedding, Niamh and Elie brought along many family and friends, all I am sure were just as astounded by the beauty of her home place as I was when I first visited. 


Niamh was so relaxed and calm on the morning, her biggest worry was getting Elie's belt to him.  Before leaving for the church we took a little trip to her childhood home up the lane to get a shot with the beautiful scenes she grew up with. 


Having never met Elie before I was excited to get to the church and say hello.  The look on his face as he first saw Niamh showed me that this was the day he had waited his whole life for.  This continued throughout the day, every time he glanced with her you could see his heart fill with pride, this was their day and it was all about love.


Niamh and Elie, I wish you the very best on your journeys travelling the world and I hope for many many more trips home to share in the good times and create even more happy memories, hopefully I will get to see you on at least one of those occasions.


With all of my love and best wishes,



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