luck of the irish

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As a photographer I am completely aware of how big a business weddings are.  Big business equals money.  A lot of money.  Some couples save for years for their wedding day and even still need to borrow.  The day itself appears to take more investment than the actual relationship at times.  It's a difficult thing to do, getting married, not because of the commitment, when you find the one this is the easiest piece, it's the planning, appeasing everyone and stress that is the most difficult bit.


For Sarah however things were slightly different.  One day she asked Brandon if he had the money to do anything he wanted what would he do....  Go to Ireland he said.  And so they did, Brandon and Sarah came to the Green Isle and here they wed in the most beautiful and intimate ceremony ever imagined, just the two of them.


Obviously having never been here before Sarah contacted me having been given my details through their hotel, Finnstown Castle.  Her initial enquiry was for a short photo session, explaining their elopement and requesting suggestions of places to go.  For me however this was the dream job, a couple with no limitations, happy to go wherever and do things differently.  Instead we decided to take an afternoon together, starting with some prep shots, Tracy of Beau T Matters worked her magic with Sarah, All Seasons flowers in Lucan supplied the most beautiful bouqets, both Sarah and Brandon were amazed at the choice of bits in Dunnes and picked up little details there along with their pie in the local Supervalu bakery.


Keeping the tiniest bit of tradition possible Sarah decided she didn't want Brandon to see her until she was ready so off we sent him into the gardens in Finnstown, back turned, to await the big reveal.  From afar I captured their intimacy, their love and excitement as they first saw each other on their wedding day, a beautiful moment that will be etched in my memory forever.


Making lifetime memories was what the day was about but even I will remember this until my dying days.  Upon the mountains, overlooking Lough Tay, Sarah and Brandon stepped out of the car and the look of amazement and delight upon their faces was just as beautiful as the scenery.  This little spot I had fallen upon on a trip with the family one day and I always wanted to visit it again for some photos, once Sarah got in touch I knew this would be the time.


Upon the green hills of Ireland, overlooking a Guiness family home, with hills as far as the eye could see, Brandon and Sarah declared their love with personal vows, words only the two of them will ever know.


I wish you both the luck of the Irish for the rest of your lives together, I hope in any darker moments you may close your eyes and feel the breeze upon your face, the fresh air and picture that place.  Maybe in the background you may hear the humming of a few mini engines coming near, and may this memory forever put a smile upon your face.


With all of my love and thanks,




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