The best is yet to come

July 02, 2016  •  2 Comments

A morning surrounded by family and friends, filled with excitement and laughter, 2 houses anticipating the day ahead.  Both Barry and April were equally as relaxed, no need to stress when you already know you have perfection. 


Three beautiful little girls were filled with smiles, this is happiness, this is love.  True happiness is when someone else's smiles are more important than your own, a glimpse of a smile on any of these three gorgeous faces would light up April's and Barry's faces in an instant and April's face was lit all morning.


Barry has a calm, peaceful nature about him.  In the midst of the excitement, noise and laughter, he always looked relaxed.  They say pure happiness is when the heart is calm despite noise and stress, always at ease, I don't think I have ever seen a groom whose body language as his bride walked towards this said so much about him.  April glows, she beams this beautiful Californian smile and his big beautiful blue doe eyes just relax you, I can see why Barry is so happy, there is no question, April is his happiness.  Smiles can travel afar, spread from person to person yet never lose their sparkle, you would be forgiven for thinking that all smiles generated from April, the type of girl who can make anyone smile just with her happiness, Barry I know you will keep her happy to make sure the smiles continue to spread and travel.


April and Barry, it was an honour to capture your day and witness your love.  I was blessed to be shown yet another love story, completely unique in it's own right yet completely pure, a fairytale where the best is yet to come...


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Lorraine Doyle(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning, the photos are amazing, love them all.
Annette McMahon(non-registered)
Beautiful wedding, beautiful families and very beautiful pictures and lasting memory of what looks a very happy occasion. Its a pleasure to look at the story of the memorial day for the Reid family. A very talented photographer whose poignant words add to the story in vivid description of the day. Thanks for it all and best of luck for the future to the happy couple and their girls. Xx Annette
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