I first met Deirdre when I was shooting my best friends wedding.  Almost 9 months pregnant she was blooming.  After the initial introduction and hello I was quickly asked if I had her wedding date available, straight away I was thinking 'is this Superwoman'?  Deirdre was about to have her first baby, planning her wedding along with her usual full time work and teaching her Irish dance classes too.  Whatever she has I want some!


I met with Deirdre and Tony a few weeks later, I was taken aback by how supportive Tony is, he's like a live in cheer leader for Deirdre, an extremely happy, welcoming gent, she is as lucky as he is.


On the wedding day itself I was quite excited to get to shoot in Trinity College for my first time, actually my first time ever on the grounds.  What better place to say your vows, surrounded by such history.  Little did I know then that it was just outside the church where Tony popped the question so once it was mentioned we headed straight over to the bell tower for the most perfect shot I could have imagined. 


The Kaedeen Hotel was the most perfect choice for reception venue.  With Trinity time slots being limited we knew we would be tight on time, only arriving at the hotel at 5pm, we spent just 37 minutes shooting our formals, yes, I counted, 37 minutes.  For me it is so important that couples get to spend time with their guests so mingling time is essential.  There was a meal call time of 6pm so shooting quickly was of utmost importance.  The Kaedeen being the perfect choice is simply because of their service, this venue has the quickest dinner service I have seen, ensuring both Deirdre and Tony had plenty more time to chat with guests when dinner finished shortly after 8pm.


Unsurprisingly the dancing began with Deirdre's students coming along to put on a performance, followed by Deirdre and friends.  The dancefloor then filled for the night to the awesome music of Entourage, (huge congrats to Jenny on the birth of her beautiful baby girl and major respect for performing a wedding days later). 


Days like this make my job the best job in the world.  Not only did I get to witness such a beautiful event but with amazing clients like Deirdre and Tony, and beautiful little Lillian, I really felt part of this occasion, it is yet another one that I will not soon forget.


Deirdre and Tony, looking at you both together warms me, it reminds me of how grateful we should all be for the happiness that we get through our marriages and relationships.  It is each other that puts smiles on our faces and you both seem to do it so easily, you fit in so many different ways and I truly am blessed to have witnessed it.  I hope forever a simple glance makes you smile as wide a syou both did on your wedding day.  Thank you for showing me your love.


All of my love

Rachel xxxx


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