I LOVED everything about this wedding.


I loved that:

It was my first time at The Cliff at Lyons and despite the rain we had ample choice for outdoor photography.

I loved that I nearly died with excitement when I saw the dress.

I loved that the girls cried and cried, especially when Nicola had her first glance in the mirror, even I cried.

I loved that Jonathon wasn't fazed by a crying child, he was calm and collected, excited for the day ahead.

I loved that despite the same crying child hanging on for dear life, Nicola laughed with joy as she walked down the aisle.

I loved that their children cried, happy tears of pride.


There were so many moments that I loved on this day but all of those moments were down to Nicola and Jonathon being such a perfect match.  They planned everything to perfection, from the smallest details to the venue.  Although weather cannot be planned the drops of rain didn't dampen their day, they were eager to get outside and have their photos done in the beautiful surroundings they had chosen.


I often say guests say a lot about a couple, no more so than on this day.  With just 40 guests the day was as high spirited as a wedding with 200, people laughed and joked, mingled and every single one of them supported Nicola and Jonathon fully, not only today but on each and every day of their lives.


To both Nicola and Jonathon,  I see you have a wonderful life together, a beautiful family and a relationship that is built to last, sometimes there is little I can say to describe the honour of witnessing such a wonderful part of people's lives and this is one of those times.  You reminded me in each moment why I do what I do, that is to capture the life and love of a couple in one day, you made this so easy for me with your open and honest love for one another.  I wish that you will forever share that with those around you and always be able to remind people how wonderful life can be just by being in your presence.


With love,



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