Every little girl dreams of getting married in a castle.  For Sarah that dream came true, not only did she and Brian celebrate their marriage with a castle wedding but they also were lucky enough to get one of the most exclusive castles in the country, Luttrelstown Castle, a favourite with many visiting celebrities.  On this day however, only Sarah was Queen of the castle.


Their story also reads like a fairytale, having watched their friends settle down neither Sarah nor Brian had found the one.  Despite this they lived their lives to the full, Sarah particularly investing herself in work, as of course Brian did also but their stories read as lives filled with friends, family and laughter, holidays and outings and just pure happiness. 


On an average day standing in line to order lunch in Dublin's business district, their lives were about to change.  Standing next to her, Sarah noticed the cheeky smile and Brian of course immediately wanted to speak to this beautiful woman.  The lunch was ordered and they sat together talking like they had known each other forever.  Although Brian wished they could stay in the moment, the ever committed Sarah had to return to work.  Just weeks later Sarah confessed to friends she had found the one and within months a ring was on her finger. 


Days after the engagement Sarah received the news that her dream venue had a date, but she only had 3 months to organise.  After meeting Sarah I knew within minutes that she would have this all in hand, so much so that she was calm and relaxed enough to take a holiday a couple of weeks before the big day.  Brian however, according to his friends, had a bit of fretting, I don't blame him, Sarah is an amazing woman and he wanted everything to be perfect for her.


You often hear the phrase, stands out from the crowd, Sarah is this and more,  She has a beaming smile that would melt any heart, a fantastic personality and passion for fun and life that is rarely found yet she is also highly dedicated and driven in her professional role.  Having only met Brian on the day of the wedding I could still tell that he also enjoyed living life to the full before meeting Sarah, had strong friendships that lasted from childhood and the greatest respect and love for family, he is a man that knows his emotions, accepts them and shares them with those around him. 


Brian knows, as much as we all do from reading their story, that he is one lucky man but Sarah has landed on her feet in life again and again, she had her childhood friend by her side on her wedding day telling stories of their many fiascos through the years, her family and work colleagues supporting her as she spent this special occasion celebrating in a venue many could only dream of even entering but most importantly, she has a man who has vowed to stay by her side for the rest of their lives, a man who looks at her with the deepest of admiration, affection and love, a man who would lay down his life for her and deservedly puts her on a towering pedestal, Sarah you my dear have it all!  This is the beginning of the rest of your life and I guarantee the start of the best journey you have had yet.  When embraced with the devotion Brian shows you and the determination you show in life, marriage is guaranteed to work and take it from me, will be the most amazing experience you will ever have.


I thank you for letting me get to know you both and I wish you every ounce of happiness the world can give you, may your lives continue to be filled with those that care about you as you move forward to your next journey.


With love,



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