What impacted me most on the morning of David & Fiona's wedding was the fretting.  David and his bestman fretted over every little detail, from where the buttonholes were to whether they should have drinks to greet the guests with before or after the ceremony.  David wanted everything to be perfect for his bride, this showed how important her happiness is to him.


In contrast Fiona was calm and relaxed, comfortable in the knowledge that her man would have everything in hand, her work organising the wedding was done and the rest was to be enjoyed.  After a stressful situation organising hair and makeup the day before it meant the girls had themselves ready well in advance on the morning.  By the time I arrived there was very little to be done other than get dressed.  With plenty of time to spare we headed on up where Fiona's mother helped her into her dress and her son melted at the sight of her. 


Padraig and Gerard at the Springfield hotel had everything in hand by the time I reached the hotel again for the ceremony.  The room was looking stunning as always, the groom, still fretting at times was brought in where we placed his buttonhole and calmed him on time for his bride's arrival.  As Fiona walked down the aisle, David beamed with pride, he finally had his happily ever after.


On a day scattered with rain our plans had to change.  Rather than the intended trip to the local Castletown House we stayed on site for our photos.  Just when we needed the rain to go away, the clouds cleared.  The beauty of the Springfield Hotel for me is the fact that I can get all of my work done in a small space, the garden is laid out perfectly to allow for variety without travel.  Once the family and bridal party shots were complete I got David and Fiona to myself for 10 minutes.  It is a short time to get insight into a couple but it is all the time I needed to be sure that they were matched to perfection.  Fiona is ever so quiet, knowing she has David by her side is all that she needs, he will always be there to support her and will do everything in his power to ensure her happiness.  David knows how lucky he is to have finally found Fiona, a woman who will always be there for him, wanting to live a happy a settled life by his side.


Love doesn't have to be elaborate, it doesn't need bold statements to confirm it's presence, Fiona and David showed me the perfection of love with no expectation other than joy of loving and being loved.  I hope you both continue through life in this manner and remember every day how lucky you are to have each other.

With the greatest of respect and thanks,



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