Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography | A Christmas Wedding

Sinead was calm and collected when I arrived, despite the wind and rain.  Having waited so long for this there was no way the typical Irish weather would ruin her mood, after all when booking a December wedding it is very much expected.  The girls were so easy going but yet prepared and ready to go long before I would have expected them to be.  This is always the sign of a good day.

I didn't get to meet with the boys until arriving at the church, considering our well prepared bride I had ample time to fix the buttonholes, speak with the priest and even take a couple of shots of Liam and his boys too.  The guests were as cheery as Liam and Sinead, smiles and laughter filled the church as they all eagerly anticipated the beautiful bride.

Sinead took her time walking up the aisle, looking around and appreciating all who came to join her and Liam and support them as they took this step.  Dad, excitedly waved to friends as he entered and Liam was beaming with pride and he awaited his bride to reach his side. 

After a beautiful ceremony we all moved quickly to Finnstown Castle where the warmth of the reception room was happily received.  On a day that could have been rained non stop the clouds decided to ease for a few moments, enough for us to take some time outside and get bridal party and couple shots which was greatly appreciated.  Having such a good day with fantastic clients and equally entertaining guests I decided to pop back in the evening.  Being so local to Finnstown meant that this was the best option for me, weather had limited the amount of shots we could take and I was concious that I wanted some more options for Liam and Sinead so I happily arrived back on time to see them take to the floor for their first dance, short as it was.

What strikes me about this couple is how laid back and content they are.  Both Liam and Sinead know how lucky they are to have found each other and wanted to share this special day with those closest to them.  This struck me even more when they took their first dance as this was not about them but about everyone that took part in the day and their relationship.  Less than a minute or so into the first dance they were joined by their nearest and dearest to share the experience, to me it couldn't have been any other way for them, coming from such small close families they are completely connected and it was beautiful to see their brothers, sister and parents join them in their moment.

Liam and Sinead you both have wonderful examples of true long lasting relationships, I am sure you don't need me to tell you that a marriage is not about your wedding day as you have seen the work and commitment both of your parents put in to their marriages and so there is no advice I can give you that you have not already seen at home with your own eyes, all I can say is that I wish for you, one day to look back together and realise you have created a marriage as strong and as beautiful as those of your parents.  Enjoy every moment you spend together and please, please, enjoy looking back on your day and remember how amazing it was to see each other at that altar.

I wish you health, happiness and undying love.

Rachel x



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