Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography: Blog https://www.foxy.ie/blog en-us (C)Rachel Fox info@foxy.ie (Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography) Sat, 08 Jul 2017 23:08:00 GMT Sat, 08 Jul 2017 23:08:00 GMT https://www.foxy.ie/img/s/v-5/u412104404-o240291181-50.jpg Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography: Blog https://www.foxy.ie/blog 120 80 All the best things https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2017/7/all-the-best-things For Kelly and Stephen the sun shone from the moment it came out on their wedding day.  Of course they were grateful for the calm weather, the journey to their wedding day wasn't as easy as expected, but no matter the stresses from the moment they got engaged it couldn't have turned out better.  Two were now three and their story was turning out as perfect as they could ever imagine.


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Days like these https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/10/days-like-these Every girl deserves this kind of love, where her husband is her best friend. The kind of friend that stands by your side through life's ups and downs, that makes you want to be a better person because they make you feel so good. Every girl deserves what Ciara has with Conor and every boy deserves a girl who makes his heart melt each time he looks at her, knowing that he put that smile on her beautiful face.


Working with Ciara and Conor was an absolute dream, two beautiful and considerate people who are all about each other and those around them. Unassuming yet having everything they could possibly want, fun loving, full of life yet considerate enough to know which moments in life to sit back and enjoy.


During the ceremony in the gorgeous Clonabreaney House Ciara and Conor had eyes only for each other, each moment was embraced, each glance was adored and each sentiment shared and appreciated.


Days like this make my life worthwhile, I am so blessed to share these moments, witness this love and embrace what it gives back to me. Life is for sharing, it is for giving loving and receiving and in these times I receive the happiest heart, reminding me why I do what I do, because love makes us all better people, whether it is the love we share or the love we witness.


Ciara and Conor I hope that for the rest of your lives together you are appreciate every little bit of love around you as you did on this day, I hope that as with me, each time you witness love it makes you appreciate even more what a special thing you have together. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share this day with you. I wish you nothing but the best for your future.


With all of my love,



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Crossing the world for Love https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/crossing-the-world-for-love When I met Joohi and Mark I left smiling from ear to ear.  Why?  Because they are infectious.  Joohi has this awesome love of life and Mark is so head over heels he just looks at her in amazement.  I knew I would love this wedding and love it I did.


It was such a beautiful day and for that I was grateful, Joohi's parents came all the way from India for the first trip to Ireland so it was great for them to experience the day without our usual rain. 


Although Mark and Joohi are together just 2 years, they both knew very quickly that they were made for each other.  After only a couple of visits to Mayo meeting Mark's family, his mother told him he needed to marry this girl.  On the other side, at a very young age Joohi sat at home drawing a picture, when her dad asked his young daughter what she was drawing she said it was her husband.  To his amusement however, the husband she drew had blonde hair and blue eyes, few and far between in India he knew and he quizzed where she had seen this.  On the tv Joohi said.  Years later, here in the Emerald Isle she found her blue eyed boy, and I was blessed with the honour of documenting their wedding.


The Spa Hotel in Lucan is a gem, of course I love that it is so close to home but it gives so much more than expected.  The reception room is possibly one of the most glamorous in Dublin, the food is exceptional and the wooded gardens out front give the most amazing options for photos.  The day was planned to perfection, so much so that Joohi and Mark were ready for the meal to be called early, which almost never happens.


Joohi topped off a perfect day by changing into another beautiful dress once she and Mark enjoyed their first dance.  As she took to the floor the dj decided to play some Indian inspired music and along with her mother and father Joohi danced like her life depended on it.  The guests gathered and cheered, amazed by the talent.  


I walked out the door leaving a dancefloor full behind me, knowing that this day would be one that will stay with me for a very long time.  Joohi and Mark, I wish you both every happiness, I hope Joohi continues to be so infectious people have no choice but to smile and I hope Mark always has that schoolboy who got the girl charm, worshipping every step Joohi takes.


Lots of love,





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info@foxy.ie (Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography) Dublin wedding irish wedding photographer lucan wedding photographer lucan wedding photography wedding photographer wedding photography wedding photography Ireland https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/crossing-the-world-for-love Sun, 25 Sep 2016 19:29:26 GMT
Love at Lyons https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/love-at-lyons I LOVED everything about this wedding.


I loved that:

It was my first time at The Cliff at Lyons and despite the rain we had ample choice for outdoor photography.

I loved that I nearly died with excitement when I saw the dress.

I loved that the girls cried and cried, especially when Nicola had her first glance in the mirror, even I cried.

I loved that Jonathon wasn't fazed by a crying child, he was calm and collected, excited for the day ahead.

I loved that despite the same crying child hanging on for dear life, Nicola laughed with joy as she walked down the aisle.

I loved that their children cried, happy tears of pride.


There were so many moments that I loved on this day but all of those moments were down to Nicola and Jonathon being such a perfect match.  They planned everything to perfection, from the smallest details to the venue.  Although weather cannot be planned the drops of rain didn't dampen their day, they were eager to get outside and have their photos done in the beautiful surroundings they had chosen.


I often say guests say a lot about a couple, no more so than on this day.  With just 40 guests the day was as high spirited as a wedding with 200, people laughed and joked, mingled and every single one of them supported Nicola and Jonathon fully, not only today but on each and every day of their lives.


To both Nicola and Jonathon,  I see you have a wonderful life together, a beautiful family and a relationship that is built to last, sometimes there is little I can say to describe the honour of witnessing such a wonderful part of people's lives and this is one of those times.  You reminded me in each moment why I do what I do, that is to capture the life and love of a couple in one day, you made this so easy for me with your open and honest love for one another.  I wish that you will forever share that with those around you and always be able to remind people how wonderful life can be just by being in your presence.


With love,



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info@foxy.ie (Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography) Dublin wedding cliff at lyons wedding irish wedding photographer kildare wedding photography lucan wedding photographer meath wedding photography village at lyons wedding photographer wedding photography wedding photography Ireland https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/love-at-lyons Sun, 25 Sep 2016 19:06:10 GMT
To love and be loved https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/to-love-and-be-loved What impacted me most on the morning of David & Fiona's wedding was the fretting.  David and his bestman fretted over every little detail, from where the buttonholes were to whether they should have drinks to greet the guests with before or after the ceremony.  David wanted everything to be perfect for his bride, this showed how important her happiness is to him.


In contrast Fiona was calm and relaxed, comfortable in the knowledge that her man would have everything in hand, her work organising the wedding was done and the rest was to be enjoyed.  After a stressful situation organising hair and makeup the day before it meant the girls had themselves ready well in advance on the morning.  By the time I arrived there was very little to be done other than get dressed.  With plenty of time to spare we headed on up where Fiona's mother helped her into her dress and her son melted at the sight of her. 


Padraig and Gerard at the Springfield hotel had everything in hand by the time I reached the hotel again for the ceremony.  The room was looking stunning as always, the groom, still fretting at times was brought in where we placed his buttonhole and calmed him on time for his bride's arrival.  As Fiona walked down the aisle, David beamed with pride, he finally had his happily ever after.


On a day scattered with rain our plans had to change.  Rather than the intended trip to the local Castletown House we stayed on site for our photos.  Just when we needed the rain to go away, the clouds cleared.  The beauty of the Springfield Hotel for me is the fact that I can get all of my work done in a small space, the garden is laid out perfectly to allow for variety without travel.  Once the family and bridal party shots were complete I got David and Fiona to myself for 10 minutes.  It is a short time to get insight into a couple but it is all the time I needed to be sure that they were matched to perfection.  Fiona is ever so quiet, knowing she has David by her side is all that she needs, he will always be there to support her and will do everything in his power to ensure her happiness.  David knows how lucky he is to have finally found Fiona, a woman who will always be there for him, wanting to live a happy a settled life by his side.


Love doesn't have to be elaborate, it doesn't need bold statements to confirm it's presence, Fiona and David showed me the perfection of love with no expectation other than joy of loving and being loved.  I hope you both continue through life in this manner and remember every day how lucky you are to have each other.

With the greatest of respect and thanks,



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Dancing to love in the Kaedeen https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/dancing-to-love-in-the-kaedeen I first met Deirdre when I was shooting my best friends wedding.  Almost 9 months pregnant she was blooming.  After the initial introduction and hello I was quickly asked if I had her wedding date available, straight away I was thinking 'is this Superwoman'?  Deirdre was about to have her first baby, planning her wedding along with her usual full time work and teaching her Irish dance classes too.  Whatever she has I want some!


I met with Deirdre and Tony a few weeks later, I was taken aback by how supportive Tony is, he's like a live in cheer leader for Deirdre, an extremely happy, welcoming gent, she is as lucky as he is.


On the wedding day itself I was quite excited to get to shoot in Trinity College for my first time, actually my first time ever on the grounds.  What better place to say your vows, surrounded by such history.  Little did I know then that it was just outside the church where Tony popped the question so once it was mentioned we headed straight over to the bell tower for the most perfect shot I could have imagined. 


The Kaedeen Hotel was the most perfect choice for reception venue.  With Trinity time slots being limited we knew we would be tight on time, only arriving at the hotel at 5pm, we spent just 37 minutes shooting our formals, yes, I counted, 37 minutes.  For me it is so important that couples get to spend time with their guests so mingling time is essential.  There was a meal call time of 6pm so shooting quickly was of utmost importance.  The Kaedeen being the perfect choice is simply because of their service, this venue has the quickest dinner service I have seen, ensuring both Deirdre and Tony had plenty more time to chat with guests when dinner finished shortly after 8pm.


Unsurprisingly the dancing began with Deirdre's students coming along to put on a performance, followed by Deirdre and friends.  The dancefloor then filled for the night to the awesome music of Entourage, (huge congrats to Jenny on the birth of her beautiful baby girl and major respect for performing a wedding days later). 


Days like this make my job the best job in the world.  Not only did I get to witness such a beautiful event but with amazing clients like Deirdre and Tony, and beautiful little Lillian, I really felt part of this occasion, it is yet another one that I will not soon forget.


Deirdre and Tony, looking at you both together warms me, it reminds me of how grateful we should all be for the happiness that we get through our marriages and relationships.  It is each other that puts smiles on our faces and you both seem to do it so easily, you fit in so many different ways and I truly am blessed to have witnessed it.  I hope forever a simple glance makes you smile as wide a syou both did on your wedding day.  Thank you for showing me your love.


All of my love

Rachel xxxx


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Glyding through love https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/9/glyding-through-love I've known Ger almost as long as I've known my husband.  In fact, my husband was best man at the wedding, so there are so many tales I could tell, such as the fact that I first met Emma at my own wedding, she and Ger were still a new couple way back then.


Ger & Emma are a true love story though.  They met through their love of music, discussing various different songs under the guise of hot2hustle and stargazer, both fans of a Wicklow band - Glyder, Emma was a member of the bands forum which Ger helped to run.  Meeting at a Glyder album launch gig love blossomed.  They went on to use their love of music as a reason to see each other, Emma would often come to visit just on time to see a Glyder gig. 


There were years of to-ing and fro-ing between Dublin and Durham for visits until finally Ger decided to move over.  Kev always told me he expected Ger to live in the UK, somehow he always knew that's where his best buddy would end up, and so for the big move I lost my husband for a few days as he and Ger took their last road trip together, bringing all of his belongings over to Durham.  There are many ways I could go with that story but let's just say they enjoyed a scenic route.


The news of an impending wedding really didn;t surprise anyone.  Both Emma & Ger had been enjoying settled life together for 6 years so it was about time they took the step to say 'I do'.  The next decision was Dublin or Durham....  It very nearly was Dublin at one stage but in fairness, their lives are in Durham and those that love them had no problem going over there.  Myself and my husband made a little holiday of it too, heading over a few days in advance to be there on Ger's birthday.


The day before the wedding was spent going from here to there getting the last bits sorted, I was even invited along on the trip with the boys to get the suits, Bernard, Ger's dad, broke the news to me about snakes in the UK.  Now that I recall, he did mention Ireland's second Ice Age as being the reason for our lack of snakes rather than St. Patrick, I'm still to figure that one out Bernard.


Whitworth Hall is the most amazingly quaint hotel, it's small and personable but with huge character and the grounds are just out of this world.  With the sun beaming amid a clear blue sky myself and the bridesmaid Sinead headed down to Emma's house nice and early.  Here I was to witness Emma receiving her multiple gifts from Ger on the morning of her wedding.  So thoughtful of you Ger, I really don't recall receiving any on the morning of my wedding, Emma you're a lucky girl ;)  Soon I was back in the hotel photographing Ger opening his awesome gifts, you guys are so thoughtful. 


Weddings are celebrated slightly different in the UK, we tend to have a greeting after the ceremony for instance, I remember the co-ordinator on the day telling me they don't do this over there, well with us Irish they had no choice.  The ceremony was slightly later than usual and the meal earlier which meant I really wanted to work hard and get the necessary shots done so as not to pull Emma & Ger away from their guests for too long.  I must say everyone was fantastic about posing and moving along quickly in order to get the job done.


Unsurprisingly the evening finished off with many a song from Kev, I was a little sad when he sang Bed of Roses and I had nobody to dance with until I noticed Ger was also missing so myself and Emma had our first dance together where she twirled around the floor like a ballerina. 


Emma & Ger, we had so much fun on your wedding day and not only do I want to thank you for inviting us but we are both so grateful for you to give us such awesome jobs to do on the day.  I am so happy to have spent this day with both of you and your families along with of course the other evenings too.  I promise it won't be long until we get over again, next time we will bring the girls.


Lots of love,




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Falling for Love https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/8/falling-for-love When Ruthy reached out to ask me to cover her wedding I was so pleased.  I've know both Ruthy and Shanie for quite some time, going on 10 years I'd guess, from the music scene.  It took me a long time to get to know them but not because it was difficult but because at the time I was quite shy and barely spoke a word.  Over the years we crossed paths many many times and kept in touch on facebook, it's been great to see them develop as a couple from the sidelines and then eventually be a part of this fantastic day.


As a working guest I turned up to the Falls Hotel in Co. Clare the day before.  I spent time with other guests, had a chat with Shanie, walked the grounds with Ruthy, met the amazing Fr. John followed by the most relaxed evening in a quaint village bar anticipating the day ahead with friends.


When the morning finally came I was not in the slightest surprised by the calm and relaxed atmosphere.  The girls were in no rush, the boys doing what boys do, taking their time getting together.  Myself, I was dying to witness the ceremony performed by Fr. John, possibly my favourite priest I have ever met.


We had decided to take it easy with photos as Ruthy and Shanie wanted to spend time with their guests, we decided we'd do the family and bridal party with minimal couple shots followed by some more shots on Sunday.  Everything went perfectly to plan, spending 40 minutes getting the essentials so as the day could be enjoyed.  And enjoyed it was.


Panic Animal supplied the musical entertainment for the evening, this was by far one of my most favourite weddings to enjoy as a guest.  Even I, Mrs Sidelines, spent the evening on the dancefloor which was filled with guests, giving it their all.


Ruthy and Shanie you have all my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your day, I had an absolute ball, it was an honour and a pleasure and I am so happy to share not only these photos with you but I look forward to sharing many memorable moments with you in the future.

With all of my love,



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Light and Love at the Osprey https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/8/light-and-love-at-the-osprey I was quite excited when Amanda got in touch with me.  She quickly decided to book and sent me on her address for our meeting, the road where my Dad grew up.  It turned out both our Dads were great friends growing up and still to this day.  I love when I find a mutual connection with a client, it happens so often.


Amanda and Derek were so excited when I met them, happily planning their day to a t.  I know straight away that this would be a beautiful yet relaxed affair with all of those closest to them.  Little did I know that I would feel so at home on the day, spending time with people who are as warm and open as any Ballybough person I have ever met, I love this area and I love these people.


The sun came out in force on the morning of the wedding, giving us beautiful blue skies.  Neighbours gathered around outside the house singing their hearts out as Amanda appeared down the stairs, this was a dream day for a dream bride.  Groomsmen were in the mood for a laugh, bridesmaids caught dancing in the background, every part of this day was light hearted and fun. 


I was struck by how close and relaxed Amanda and Derek were during our photo session, we had a short walk, chasing shade in the bright light and all the while both moved in perfect unison.  Amanda would drop her hand and Derek would find it without even having to look at each other, they fit perfectly, in every way, move as one, live as one and now finally they are as one.


Amanda and Derek, I thank you and your beautiful boys, along with your amazing families for such a fantatsic day.  It is always an honour to be a part of any wedding but yours will hold a special place in my heart, the evening finished off so perfectly as I left you all dancing in the most colourful room.  I hope your life is forever filled with colour and light as it was when I last saw you both, I wish for you continued fun and laughter, warmth and security but most of all a successful marriage and I do not doubt that you will love each other for the rest of your lives. 


All of my love,



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Glenview Garden Wedding https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/8/glenview-garden-wedding Nicola and Mark were so relaxed for their wedding.  There's a lot to be said about preparing for and having your wedding all in the same place and Glenview is such a stunning place to choose.


Upstairs Nicola was surrounded by friends, the makeup artist Sam being one of them and even a cousin there for the hair, the room was filled with excitement.  The balcony doors were open and we could hear the laughter of the guests below, anticipating what was to come.


Mark and the boys were calm and collected, happily getting dressed early to join the party.  As we walked down the stairs I was introduced to the registrar who was also a family friend, this wedding was made by those closest to them, even the cakes were supplied by a guest. 


As Nicola appeared from behind the trees to walk up the aisle Mark's face lit up with joy, their moment had finally come and here they were in the most beautiful of settings, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.


Glenview offers so much to their clients, rolling gardens, outdoor ceremonies, a beautiful reception room, never mind the effort put in to make everything come together so perfectly.  For me, my job is so much easier when in such a short stroll we have both manicured gardens and countryside views, willing clients make it even more of a joy.


As I walked around the guests before dinner, taking photos and chatting I noticed how happy they were to be a part of this occasion.  I grabbed the camera and quickly shot and a guest showed his friend a snapchate of the ceremony, written across the screen was 'outdoor weddings are the best'.  A group of guests surrounded a computer screen, Mark's Gran was unable to make the day in person but she was brought along virtually and witnessed all the speeches along with all the excited faces who came to say hello to her.


Nicola and Mark,  you have so many dear friends that wanted to be a part of your day, I hope this is a sign of things to come and you are always surrounded by those willing to go out of their way to be a part of your lives.  You have a very bright future ahead of you and I do hope our paths will cross one day again and you get to fill me in on all the amazing things that are bound to happen for you.


With all my love,



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Love at the Headfort Arms https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/8/love-at-the-headfort-arms When Brian first saw Amanda he was mad about her, he persistently asked her out until she agreed to a date, once he got her that was it, he was never letting her go.


Amanda is such a warm and caring person.  From our first phone call I knew I liked her, she was bubbly, chatty, the type of girl that just loves life and boy does she love Brian.  I'd goo at the posts Amanda would put up online, counting the days until she married her best friend, even I couldn't wait for it to come along.


When the day came, unsurprisingly there were no nerves, only excitement.  Amanda and Brian have a large group of friends, all just as fun loving as they are.  This was one of those days where I never felt like I had gone to work, I felt like I had been to a party myself all day.


Although the weather was unrealiable early on, resulting in an indoor ceremony, it lifted for the rest of the day and all of the guests enjoyed a beautiful drinks reception in the garden of The Headfort Arms set to the sound of Anne Powderly singing in the background.  Even as we were taking our group shots we were bopping away to the music and enjoying the sunshine.


Amanda and Brian, I say this oh so often, the truth of a person can be seen in those they surround themselves with, to have such a fun and caring group of friends says so much about both of you.  You are even more than what I initially thought when I met you both, you are both amazingly beautiful people, so loving and warm.  I am so happy I have had the opportunity to spend this day with you and get to know you both.  I can only imagine how wonderful your life ahead of you will be and I do genuinely hope our paths will cross again.

With all of my love,




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Rathsallagh Garden Wedding https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/7/rathsallagh-garden-wedding Family is one of the greatest gifts of this life.  Frances and John were blessed over and over again with theirs.  This day was all about family.

I already knew Frances had an amazing family, just looking at her parents puts a big smile on my face, knowing they have lived a life of love for one another so strong that it shows even in their great grandkids.  When Frances told me she lived next door to her mother in law I knew that John must have a pretty special family too.

The first face I saw was Frances' mother in law, beaming with pride, hanging a bow on their front gate.  This set the tone for the day, filled with smiling faces who were just so happy to be a part of this day.

For Frances a great big gang of people stood in her mother's front garden waiting for a glimpse of the bride, there was laughter and joy along with excitement.  I couldn't count the amount of people there but I bet every one of them was part of this huge and loving family.

The most memorable parts of this day included groups of people having fun.  Rathsallagh is an amazing venue and the garden was filled with friends and family having fun and sharing in the beautiful weather on such a special occasion.  

Martin Keogh was booked as master of ceremonies and dj and this only enhanced the togetherness felt on the day, table games had each and everyone involved, the Mr and Mrs game had the room erupting with laughter and the lighting and dry ice floor made the first dance look like it came straight out of a fairytale.

From start to finish Frances and John were delighted to be together with all of these wonderful people.  As much as they have become the people they are down to their families, Frances and John are the reason that room was filled with immense love and joy.  Their kindness, love of each other and love of life is what brought everyone to want to stand by their sides on this day and be a part of their lives.

To you both, the sign of someone special is often seen in those around them.  Your wedding day showed me both of you have an abundance of love from a fantastic group of friends and family, along with your beautiful children and home you have everything a person could wish for and my wish for you is to have all of those things close to you forever more.  Please continue to enjoy your beautiful life together as much as you did on your wedding day, I can't wait to see your smiles again soon.

With the greatest of love and respect,

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info@foxy.ie (Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography) Dublin wedding Rathsallagh wedding irish wedding photographer kildare wedding photography lucan wedding photographer lucan wedding photography wedding photographer wedding photography wedding photography Ireland https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/7/rathsallagh-garden-wedding Sun, 31 Jul 2016 21:27:12 GMT
Coming home to share the love https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/7/coming-home-to-share-the-love There's somewhere very special hidden in the hills in Wicklow.  A community of people that are as warm as all the Irish tales say.  From the very first time I visited Ballyknockan I fell in love, with the place, the people and all it's neighbours.  There's talent spread throughout this community, be it musical or artistic, they were all gifted with something and it is a pleasure to see.


On this wedding morning I was slightly more excited than usual.  I was heading up to the home of Lorraine and Richie, where I would begin to photograph the wedding of Niamh and Elie.  Less than two years ago I took the same trip for their sister Jenny.  It would be my sixth wedding within this small community so I knew I would be seeing plenty of friendly faces.


The Ryan family are all so warm and welcoming.  Big hearts with bigger smiles.  Richie, Niamh's brother in law blows me away with his enthusiasm and the pride he shows on a wedding morning and Lorraine, Niamh's sister makes my eyes leak with her beautiful voice every time I hear it, which I must say Lorraine, is nowhere near enough.


Home for the wedding, Niamh and Elie brought along many family and friends, all I am sure were just as astounded by the beauty of her home place as I was when I first visited. 


Niamh was so relaxed and calm on the morning, her biggest worry was getting Elie's belt to him.  Before leaving for the church we took a little trip to her childhood home up the lane to get a shot with the beautiful scenes she grew up with. 


Having never met Elie before I was excited to get to the church and say hello.  The look on his face as he first saw Niamh showed me that this was the day he had waited his whole life for.  This continued throughout the day, every time he glanced with her you could see his heart fill with pride, this was their day and it was all about love.


Niamh and Elie, I wish you the very best on your journeys travelling the world and I hope for many many more trips home to share in the good times and create even more happy memories, hopefully I will get to see you on at least one of those occasions.


With all of my love and best wishes,



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luck of the irish https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/7/luck-of-the-irish As a photographer I am completely aware of how big a business weddings are.  Big business equals money.  A lot of money.  Some couples save for years for their wedding day and even still need to borrow.  The day itself appears to take more investment than the actual relationship at times.  It's a difficult thing to do, getting married, not because of the commitment, when you find the one this is the easiest piece, it's the planning, appeasing everyone and stress that is the most difficult bit.


For Sarah however things were slightly different.  One day she asked Brandon if he had the money to do anything he wanted what would he do....  Go to Ireland he said.  And so they did, Brandon and Sarah came to the Green Isle and here they wed in the most beautiful and intimate ceremony ever imagined, just the two of them.


Obviously having never been here before Sarah contacted me having been given my details through their hotel, Finnstown Castle.  Her initial enquiry was for a short photo session, explaining their elopement and requesting suggestions of places to go.  For me however this was the dream job, a couple with no limitations, happy to go wherever and do things differently.  Instead we decided to take an afternoon together, starting with some prep shots, Tracy of Beau T Matters worked her magic with Sarah, All Seasons flowers in Lucan supplied the most beautiful bouqets, both Sarah and Brandon were amazed at the choice of bits in Dunnes and picked up little details there along with their pie in the local Supervalu bakery.


Keeping the tiniest bit of tradition possible Sarah decided she didn't want Brandon to see her until she was ready so off we sent him into the gardens in Finnstown, back turned, to await the big reveal.  From afar I captured their intimacy, their love and excitement as they first saw each other on their wedding day, a beautiful moment that will be etched in my memory forever.


Making lifetime memories was what the day was about but even I will remember this until my dying days.  Upon the mountains, overlooking Lough Tay, Sarah and Brandon stepped out of the car and the look of amazement and delight upon their faces was just as beautiful as the scenery.  This little spot I had fallen upon on a trip with the family one day and I always wanted to visit it again for some photos, once Sarah got in touch I knew this would be the time.


Upon the green hills of Ireland, overlooking a Guiness family home, with hills as far as the eye could see, Brandon and Sarah declared their love with personal vows, words only the two of them will ever know.


I wish you both the luck of the Irish for the rest of your lives together, I hope in any darker moments you may close your eyes and feel the breeze upon your face, the fresh air and picture that place.  Maybe in the background you may hear the humming of a few mini engines coming near, and may this memory forever put a smile upon your face.


With all of my love and thanks,




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sweet innocence https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/7/sweet-innocence Writing blogs can at times be difficult.  This one I am finding quite hard but only because I cannot find the words to describe this day, this couple.  Unassuming, polite, delightful, romantic, innocent yet smart, I could read hundreds of words from the dictionary but not one nor all would be enough. 


Gerda has this understated elegance, the look every bride dreams of, it's like she has just jumped out of a fairytale into real life and Adam, well he is the cat that got the cream.


Never mind my difficulty with words for Adam and Gerda, choosing the images for their blog has been even harder.  Every image oozes love, the camera doesn't just love them, the camera was made for them. 


For this I am going to allow the images to speak for themselves, but first, Adam and Gerda, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your beautiful email , it brought a tear to my eye and it means so much.  I love your love and I pray it grows each and every day.  I hope you continue to astound with your beauty and purity together.





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The best is yet to come https://www.foxy.ie/blog/2016/7/the-best-is-yet-to-come A morning surrounded by family and friends, filled with excitement and laughter, 2 houses anticipating the day ahead.  Both Barry and April were equally as relaxed, no need to stress when you already know you have perfection. 


Three beautiful little girls were filled with smiles, this is happiness, this is love.  True happiness is when someone else's smiles are more important than your own, a glimpse of a smile on any of these three gorgeous faces would light up April's and Barry's faces in an instant and April's face was lit all morning.


Barry has a calm, peaceful nature about him.  In the midst of the excitement, noise and laughter, he always looked relaxed.  They say pure happiness is when the heart is calm despite noise and stress, always at ease, I don't think I have ever seen a groom whose body language as his bride walked towards this said so much about him.  April glows, she beams this beautiful Californian smile and his big beautiful blue doe eyes just relax you, I can see why Barry is so happy, there is no question, April is his happiness.  Smiles can travel afar, spread from person to person yet never lose their sparkle, you would be forgiven for thinking that all smiles generated from April, the type of girl who can make anyone smile just with her happiness, Barry I know you will keep her happy to make sure the smiles continue to spread and travel.


April and Barry, it was an honour to capture your day and witness your love.  I was blessed to be shown yet another love story, completely unique in it's own right yet completely pure, a fairytale where the best is yet to come...


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