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Marriage through Copper Face Jacks

October 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Where does a young Dublin lad go to meet a hot country girl?  Coppers is the only place to go.  I say that but I have never been yet you hear so much about it and sure it changed the lives of this couple for sure when they first set eyes on each other.

Karen and Eoin have it all, they are the perfect example of a modern day couple, what you wish for for your own kids.  Young, successful, good looking with happy and united families around them and lives filled with the laughter of friends and the company of each other.


Gliding up the aisle Karen looked no less than an angel, when a guest later commented that she reminded him of Kim Kardashian all I could think was no, she is 10 times better.  Karen was impeccable, as I am sure she is every day, her gorgeous long blond hair pulled back to show her perfect beauty, you could imagine her image plastered across double page spreads of bridal magazines.  Eoin was smart in his waistcoat and jacket, all 6ft and the rest of him and he beamed from ear to ear as he saw the love of his life come and join him. 


Throughout the day Eoin and Karen were side by side, taking sly moments to lovingly glance at each other as they chatted with their guests.  Well, Karen chatted, Eoin listened.  He did get some words in though.


I often mention speeches, I love speeches, it gives me the insight into the lives of my clients.  I already thought this couple rocked, I mean if I had a dream of a life for either of my kids, this would be it.  They should be so very proud of everything they have, everything they have achieved and the act that they are only better together.  Then the speeches came. Well a Dublin boy can't marry a Cavan girl without a few Cavan jokes in the opening speeches and when they come from the perfect Dublin accent the shock is instantly taken over by howls of laughter from each corner of the room, yes I did laugh with them.  What took me aback though was Karen, who for those of you who know her it came as no surprise, unlike many brides she stood for a seech before the groom, usually this is the last moment or him to get his say but I have a feeling that moment passed a while ago Eoin!  Karen was sentimental yet hilarious, she drew tears of joy, memory and laughter from each in the room and sure Eoin, you are lucky you had already married her as I'd say after that speech filled with wittiness and fun there were probably more than a few in the room who wished they could marry her. 


Having said all of that, Eoin is a lovely gentleman, despite his questionable taste in music, boybands wasn't it Eoin?  Every moment Karen spoke Eoin beamed with delight and pride, feeling he had won in the game of luck.  Karen having someone look at you the way Eoin does shows that you too have won and you are both blessed to have each other.  I wish you both the world, it's right at your feet and I am sure better than anyone you two can make it go anyway you want it too.  Enjoy your time together, enjoy your future, enjoy each other.

All of my love,



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