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Golden October in Co. Kildare

November 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I met Paul & Lynn quite a few years ago at Fiona's wedding.  Although I often take this time to write a little piece on things I remember from a wedding day or stories about the day I honestly don't think anything I could write would do justice to such a lovely couple. 

Both Paul and Lynn, to me, are perfectly suited.  Having been part of the bridal party at Fiona's wedding I knew what to expect from them.  They are both so alike in their nature, quiet, unassuming, gentle and caring yet full of love and fun and personality.  Paul loves his Mammy, oh the cuddles, as he does his Dad and his sisters, but girls, I bet you made him work for his share of attention when you were all young, luckily for him though Paul seems quite content to watch the world go by and enjoy his bit with those close to him. 

Lynn is so sweet and beautiful, she has so much love for those around her, and of course those no longer around her.  I've know Paul & Lynn were to marry for what must be 4 years now, I am sure they have known for even longer.  During that time Lynn & Paul were both happy to wait in order to spend quality time with her beloved father.  As I say so often, the sentimental detail shows so much of a person along with the love shown to them by their guests and Lynn is definitely someone very special to very many people.  Walked down the aisle by one brother, the other lighting the candle in memory of their dear father and her mother always close by, I know Lynn was this family's little princess and I can be pretty sure that her dad was close by, wrapping his loving arms around his little girl. 

October is a special and strange time.  Ireland looks so amazing with the multitude of colours falling from the trees, scattered across the ground, the golden light of day is better than any other time of year, softening our world and making us smile.  Then there is the chill.  The only time of year to make me want to get outside and photograph nothing in particular, I tell all of my October brides, my favourite time of year for a wedding, yet there is the cold.  Thankfully though we have had the most amazing October this year so for Lynn and Paul we had the best of it all!

Surrounded by close friends and the majority of their large families Paul and Lynn arranged a fantastically spectacular day.  Not only did we have the wild eccentricity of Ciaran in the bridal party to give us the most amazing natural smiles and laughter during our photo session, we also had Lynn's mad family who I must take a moment to thank for utterly embarrassing me with their rendition of Boyzone's Words.  (For those that know me I did not automatically know the name of the song, I DID have to google it).   Although married to a singer I am always utterly mortified to be sung too, never mind the room full of people gazing as 20 mad hatters sing their hearts out, but thank you for making me laugh and of course the day would never have been the same for Lynn without your madness.

As always Johnstown House put out a fantastic meal, service was above and beyond what was expected and the reception went without a hitch, Men in Black had the gang dancing from the very get go, I thank you guys not only for that but for your awesome lighting making my work so much easier. 

For this wedding my biggest thanks to Paul and to Lynn, for giving me the opportunity to not only share in your day but getting an insight into your wonderful lives.  I am always so honoured to meet such lovely down to earth and genuinely kind hearted people.  It is people like you that give us Irish a good name, always with a smile on your face and a nice word to say.  It has been an absolute pleasure, I wish you the best of health and fortune in your lives together, knowing you need no more love than what you already have but also sure you will grow on that love, each and every single day.

All of my love to you both,

Rachel xxx



Hair  by Hair by Raina in Blanchardstown,

Make up was by Dolly Buckley from the powder room girls,

Dresses in Berketex Bridal in the Jervis centre,

Suits in fair brothers in Crumlin,

Flowers were from Leixlip flowers,

Car was from Connolly chauffeurs in Celbridge,

Band was men in black,

Jewellery was from newbridge silver.


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