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Wedding adoration

December 21, 2014  •  3 Comments

She adores the bones of him..... This is what a guest said to me as we stood side by side and I commented on how beautiful it was to see Helen and Padraic together.  Such an obviously true statement, but equally mutual.  There was a true pride that this beautiful couple held in standing side by side, proud to be together, proud to have each other and proud of each other, very inspiring body language.


I cannot describe the day without mentioning how family orientated it was, the bridal party was made up fully of siblings, siblings who were also best friends.  Phylis, Helen's mother and her father Ollie were never too far away.  The groomsmen were all brothers of Padraic, and mother Mairead constantly beamed each time she looked at them. 


One thing we all know about the day itself was that it was possibly the foggiest day of the year, low lying and thick, at times it was like we were walking through clouds.  Sun I love, snow is cool, rain, well we can deal with it but fog is scary.  Scary and difficult in this game but oh how beautiful too.  Tankardstown house is the place to be when you have a foggy wedding, with their lights scattered in front of the house and vast open fields surrounding them, even dark time foggy photographs can still be achieved and look amazing.  Many guests commented throughout the day on how amazing a venue it is, and oh it really is, whilst been stylish and tasteful Tankardstown retains the old world delight so many aim to achieve but does so with ease and under stated elegance.  No better place for Padraic and Helen, an unassuming, timeless and magical couple that many would dream to be.


I really hope you guys love black and white images because this day was MADE for black and white.  Personally I adore colour, but the beauty and timelessness of the occasion just screams class and elegance that can only be increased by the simplicity of a black and white.


The day cannot be reviewed however without mentioning John, rest in peace.  Many reading this would have known Padraic's father well, many like me never knew him however for those of us there on the day without ever having had the pleasure of his company, I am pretty sure we can all agree that without doubt he was obviously a very special man.  To come to this conclusion I don't even need to refer to any stories told of him, only to the respectful and passionate way he was spoken of during the speeches.  Mairead was obviously very proud to have spent her life with him along with her children, and all of their love and devotion was apparent during the speeches, even in the simplest of ways such as a hand placed on a shoulder.


I would undoubtedly believe that John would have been extremely proud of his son, as was Mairead and delighted to have made such an impact on all of their lives. 


Helen and Padraic, on this your ever lasting journey I wish you to always remember the effect that you both, jointly, have on those around you.  Your beaming smiles and devotion to each other is to be admired, this you can add to that list of things you have to be proud of and I can now add my involvement in your day as something to be proud of too, for this I thank you and I wish you forever love and happiness.




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Great family wedding. All laughter,love,fun,meeting of friends old and new.
Your words caught the day and spot on.
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