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Catherine and Carmine's wedding in Knightsbrook Trim

July 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

She liked him and he liked her.  Neither had the guts to say so a young Catherine sent a 10 year old child over to Carmine to tell him.  Those were the days, being a young teen when the biggest fear you have in the world is the boy of your dreams not liking you back....  Lucky for Catherine and Carmine he did like her back and he didn't stop liking her back.  4 beautifully perfect and wonderful kids later this gorgeous couple finally said I do in front of all of their closest and dearest family and friends.


As is the norm with any wedding emotions and stress were running high in the days previous.  As I spoke with Catherine I reminded her that all of these worries will soon be gone and to calm down and relax before her big day.  Sometimes we just need someone to tell us everything is ok and our worries will miraculously fix themselves. 


At the beginning of Dublin's heat wave this June the weather came just on time for Catherine and Carmine to begin the newest chapter of their lives beneath a bright blue sky.  I was welcomed into the house by Trish, Carmine's mum, with big open arms and smiles from ear to ear.  Blown away by the immaculate decor initially, within moments I realised you wouldn't expect anything less of this lovely woman and Carmine Snr.  Coincidentally as I have said on many occasion before there is often some link that turns up during a wedding, be it a guest I went to school with, a groomsman who knew my husband or in this case parents who knew my father.  I did know this previously, with a name like Carmine you don't forget and knowing how highly my father spoke of this couple I was pretty sure I would enjoy the day photographing their sons wedding and by God did I! 


Of course my day is always made that little bit better when a knock on the door is followed by a big hug from one of my favourite wedding suppliers ever, Martin Healy from www.myweddinginhd.ie.  We left together not long after heading to the girls and what we were greeted with was one of the most stunning brides you could ever imagine.  Catherine had relaxed and was chilled out enjoying being pampered whilst her 5 bridesmaids and her beautiful little flower girl muddled around getting themselves ready.  Excitement, tears, panic (would the earring go in) all followed, the usual wedding morning with a bride and of course one of my favourite things, tears from the dad!


I asked Catherine to put the veil over her head for a photo before heading downstairs, this resulted in gasps from all in the room and one of my favourite bridal portraits I have ever taken, see below of course.  Unsurprisingly it was decided whether she liked it or not Catherine would walk down the aisle with the veil over her face.


A beautiful ceremony (with music by the highly recommended Ann Tuite) was finished off by a short segment by the local parish priest Fr. Joe, an absolute gent of a man and a pleasure to meet afterwards, Fr Joe, if you come by this, I cannot wait to finally do a wedding with you, it will happen, one day! 


As weddings do, the rest of the day flowed with fun and laughter but I was not prepared for the evening.  Of Italian descent, Carmine had many family members there and boy do the Italians dance, even the kids were going for it like mad and it was so much fun to watch.  Of course they had the fantastic Goodfellas band there to keep them entertained, who even went as for as to play a special song for them.  There is only one thing you can do when you hear these lyrics, 'when the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie.....@  and I know all of you guys reading this just did it, Carmine and Catherine, everytime you look at each other remember, that's amore and as Fr. Joe says tell her once a day just how much you love her!

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Video by Martin Healy www.myweddinginhd.ie

Band Goodfellas

Priest Father Joe of Corduff

Registrar Tom Colton

Ceremony music Ann Tuite

Bridesmaid dresses from Alison from weddings to you

Brides Dress was from Tamem Micheal

Grooms suit was from Louis Copeland

Groomsmen suits Collar & Cuff

  Gillian O Neill make up & Aoife Troy Hair

Flowers were made by Erica Draper xx


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