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Inspirations in Weddings - Jamie & Gavin

July 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Blue skies and shining sun is on the wish list for pretty much every bride and this is what Jamie got, a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful smiling family and friends.  Although I often spend my time writing a blog and speaking of details throughout the day there is something special about this one.  There is no need.


No need to speak about special details when there are such special people around.  There was a moment during Breeda's speech where myself and Martin (video - www.myweddinginhd.ie) just looked at each other, Martin gave me the nod that in itself said 'here we are Rach, this is no ordinary speech, no ordinary woman'.  That nod said it all, there is nothing ordinary about either Jamie, Gavin or their families.  Gavin's family have a secret fountain of youth stored in their house, beware, one day I may go find it and Jamie's family, well, those of you who know them it, needs no saying.  Jamie was a very lucky girl to be surrounded by so many people, being raised by her mother with the assistance of all her aunts and uncles, that sure does sound like one heck of a childhood and having heard the story there is no wonder why she has grown to be such an amazing mum, beautiful woman and sincere and respectable person.


Jamie and Breeda, your story was very inspiring, you are both so lucky to have had each other and together so lucky to have had such a wonderful family.  Your outlook on life, your enjoyment of family and each other truly is something to behold and the fact that Jamie found her happiness with Gavin and his stunning and welcoming family seems like the gold at the end of your rainbow, the family that was once just 2 is now surrounded by many with constant joy, smiles, love and respect.  You all have something very special to give each other and those gorgeous little boys have some amazing role models, I am sure your lives will all be filled full of happiness, once you have each other you need nothing else.


I am honoured to have met with you all, to have shared in your stories and now to share this story with you.  Be proud of who you are and if you ever forget just for a second, think of this and the fact that you guys, all of you together are an inspiration to someone!

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Video: Martin Healy www.,yweddinginhd.ie

Make Up: Zoe Spillane 

Hair: Carol Mc Murrough, studio 54 bray
Dresses: Berketex bride and Debut from Debenhams
Suits: Suits You Dublin
Shoes: Faith and Schuh
Flowers: Margaret Murphy, Blackrock Church and Joanna from Fashion Flowers Bray
Cars: DC motor company 
Ceremony Music: Nicole Brown
Evening Music: Radioshack Band and DJ


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