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Drawn from across the globe, Lorna and Mobi's wedding

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Mobi has a sense of humour that you only expect from an Irishman.  There are things he said during the day that floored me.  I'm not a laugh out loud kind of person but Mobi had me cackling like a witch, his speech was hilarious and to hear such Irish humour coming from someone who is not Irish makes it even funnier.  He has such a happy face and bubbly personality I don't know why I did not expect it but myself and the staff at Finnstown were blown away.


From the moment I first spoke to Lorna I realised how sweet and thoughtful she is.  She may not even notice it but words come out of her mouth and sound like the best compliments you ever hear.  She smiles a generous smile that you just have to give one back and yet she carries with her a pain that she does not show.  Lorna and Mobi's wedding cannot be discussed without mentioning her dear father Kevin who was sadly taken from her not too long ago.  The reason Kevin needs to be mentioned is because of how prevalent he was on the day itself.  Lorna carried a locket containing her dad's photo in her flowers, a memorial candle was included in the ceremony along with Kevin's photo by the cake and in an extra touching sentiment, as a mark of respect Mobi carried Kevin's pocket watch, gifted to Kevin by Lorna. 


All of these special details ensured that on her wedding day, Kevin was with not only her but her new husband also every step of the way.  Attention to detail in a wedding can be so important, it is what sets one wedding apart from another, but, when the detail is so sentimental it can be unmatched.


Being from Pakistan though it was important that some traditions from Mobi's home country were included, and in honour of Mobi and his family both Lorna and her mother Liz had henna tattoos on their hands for the day.  I am now told by Lorna that this is in fact not just for weddings, it is such a beautiful tradition that us Irish just don't see often.  Mobi has embraced Ireland and made it his home but his heritage will not be forgotten.  Although I know a delay meant Mobi's parents missed the day itself and landed only the next day, I am sure that the celebrations were extended in spectacular fashion that they made the most of every moment spent here.


Lorna was so calm with everything not only in the run up to the day but even on the day itself.  She didn't need to step back and take it all in as she was taking in every second of it.  The only thing she had to miss was Mobi's awesome arrival in the helicopter, but hey, Lorna there's photos of it so you don't feel like you missed too much.


Lorna and Mobi, I enjoyed every second I spent at your wedding and what stands out to me most apart from your details is the fun.  From the very first song the dancing started and it never stopped, as can be seen in the photos there were smiles and laughter galore.  I need not wish you any smiles, you guys create more smiles yourselves than many people could ever ask for.  What I wish for you guys is something more.  I wish you both the comfort of each other for ever more, the knowing that the other will be there to share a smile or simply be a shoulder for you to lean on.  I am confident that you will always carry each others love, hearts, hopes and dreams and with these may you create the best future possible.  One thing I need you to promise me though, don't forget to keep in touch and keep me informed, best of luck to you both and all of my love xxxxx


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Dresses from dress of dreams in clane along with the veil, headpiece and shoes.

Bridsemaid shoes are from quiz.

Men's clothes are from dublin formal wear in Lucan.

Flowers are from absolutely fabulous flowers in Celbridge.

The hairs were done by Aine Bermingham.

Make up was by Kirsty kinsella.

Cake was by Denise Gibson, Nini's Cakevine.




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