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Say I do, Edel and Dermot's Kippure wedding

August 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Dermot is such a lovely man, a pleasure to be around and always so happy.  Every time I have ever looked at Dermot there has been a smile on his face but come on, why the heck would he not be smiling, he has Edel.  Every day of his life he gets to wake up next to the chirpiest, loveliest and happiest bride I have ever come across!  Over the last week of editing I have had the most amazing time.  Every single time Edel showed up on my screen I smiled, her smile is so contagious that I cannot imagine anyone sitting next to her and not smiling.  Thinking I may be going slightly mad I even turned my screen around, without saying a word to my family to gauge their reaction and yes, every one of them instantly smiled, Edel does that to you!


Last year I was shooting a wedding of a gorgeous young couple.  I was enjoying my day even more than I usually do, which is a lot.  When the hard graft was done I started to mingle with the guests and take some group shots.  I sat down by the father of the groom and he introduced me to his cheery niece, Edel.  I liked Edel instantly, so happy and friendly.  Within minutes Edel was telling me about her wedding and that she was booking me without a doubt, I love working with friends and family of previous clients but this was the first time I was pretty much booked at a wedding.  The added bonus, I would get the coolest assistant ever once more, Edel's cousin Paul.


A couple of weeks before the wedding I sat with Edel and Dermot in their kitchen.  (awesome kitchen guys, love it)  We went through all the details and we wished and hoped and prayed for weather, Kippure is such a stunning venue, out of the norm and the thought of an outdoor ceremony in the mountains was just a dream come true, let's be honest, not just for Edel and Dermot but me too.  There is so much scope, so many opportunities up there that we were sure to have the most beautiful images that would ever grace her walls so when I arrived with Edel on the morning of her wedding one of the first things she said to me was, Rachel what are we going to do.  The rain was pouring, more than it ever has on any wedding I have ever covered.  I simply said Edel, you are going to walk down that aisle and say I do, nothing else matters.


And nothing did, with a smile bigger than any the world has ever seen Edel walked down the aisle and married the man of her dreams in the most magical room surrounded by fairy lights and candlelight it was just as beautiful if not even more atmospheric than an outdoor wedding could be. 


Despite the weather Dermot and Edel even ventured outside under the shade of a tree for a few shots which were made possible by the helping hand of a groomsman holding a brolly over my camera.  The meal was amazing, the dancing non stop...... well... I say non stop but when the electricity went I decided in my gut it was not a socket outside that someone used which was faulty but the fact that the Goodfellas played Garth Brooks against Edels better judgement but it was quickly restored and the dance floor rocked once more, even Edel took out her dancing shoes and showed off a little bit of her Irish dancing talents. 


Before I sign off I always greet my beautiful couples with a message, Edel and Dermot there is but one thing I can say to you amazing people as I already know you have all the happiness anyone could ever wish:






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