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A love that is chrystal clear

August 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

I knocked on the door and asked 'Is this Roisin's room?' before realising that it was in fact Roisin looking straight at me but this was unlike I had ever seen her before.  There was an excitement in the air, giddiness and laughter filled the room and every person that walked through the door was as equally blown away.  As the buttons closed on the dress, one by one, a sister was beckoned to hold Roisin's hand and ease her unexpected nerves.  This was it, after all these years the time had finally come. 


Gary was calm and relaxed, enjoying the fun downstairs waiting for his bride.  As the doors opened and Roisin walked down the aisle sheer joy overcame him, walking towards him was his hopes, his dreams, his future and she had a big bubbly smile on her face just in case he needed something else to be happy about!


With three gorgeous children already this day was pretty much inevitable, friends and family were over the moon to finally witness Roisin becoming Mrs. Chrystal.  Chrystal with an 'h'.  And what an apt name as she certainly did sparkle for the day.


Good relationships like this don't just happen, a good relationship needs so many things and each of these things Roisin and Gary have in abundance, love for each other, quite obviously, along with respect, honesty and a fire in their bellies.  A fire for each other, for their kids and certainly a fire for that dance floor.  


Roisin and Gary, this is not your happy ending, this is another chapter in your forever because there is no end to true love.  Rather than do my usual and offer a little piece of advice I want to do something else, I want to ask you both to fill your chapters with love, fun and a sprinkle of the madness I saw on your wedding day, you've got this, you need no advise from me!


Lots of Love




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roisin you are stunning . ur dress is fab perfect on you . you all look so happy xxxx
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