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Rathsallagh Garden Wedding

July 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Family is one of the greatest gifts of this life.  Frances and John were blessed over and over again with theirs.  This day was all about family.

I already knew Frances had an amazing family, just looking at her parents puts a big smile on my face, knowing they have lived a life of love for one another so strong that it shows even in their great grandkids.  When Frances told me she lived next door to her mother in law I knew that John must have a pretty special family too.

The first face I saw was Frances' mother in law, beaming with pride, hanging a bow on their front gate.  This set the tone for the day, filled with smiling faces who were just so happy to be a part of this day.

For Frances a great big gang of people stood in her mother's front garden waiting for a glimpse of the bride, there was laughter and joy along with excitement.  I couldn't count the amount of people there but I bet every one of them was part of this huge and loving family.

The most memorable parts of this day included groups of people having fun.  Rathsallagh is an amazing venue and the garden was filled with friends and family having fun and sharing in the beautiful weather on such a special occasion.  

Martin Keogh was booked as master of ceremonies and dj and this only enhanced the togetherness felt on the day, table games had each and everyone involved, the Mr and Mrs game had the room erupting with laughter and the lighting and dry ice floor made the first dance look like it came straight out of a fairytale.

From start to finish Frances and John were delighted to be together with all of these wonderful people.  As much as they have become the people they are down to their families, Frances and John are the reason that room was filled with immense love and joy.  Their kindness, love of each other and love of life is what brought everyone to want to stand by their sides on this day and be a part of their lives.

To you both, the sign of someone special is often seen in those around them.  Your wedding day showed me both of you have an abundance of love from a fantastic group of friends and family, along with your beautiful children and home you have everything a person could wish for and my wish for you is to have all of those things close to you forever more.  Please continue to enjoy your beautiful life together as much as you did on your wedding day, I can't wait to see your smiles again soon.

With the greatest of love and respect,

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