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Falling for Love

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When Ruthy reached out to ask me to cover her wedding I was so pleased.  I've know both Ruthy and Shanie for quite some time, going on 10 years I'd guess, from the music scene.  It took me a long time to get to know them but not because it was difficult but because at the time I was quite shy and barely spoke a word.  Over the years we crossed paths many many times and kept in touch on facebook, it's been great to see them develop as a couple from the sidelines and then eventually be a part of this fantastic day.


As a working guest I turned up to the Falls Hotel in Co. Clare the day before.  I spent time with other guests, had a chat with Shanie, walked the grounds with Ruthy, met the amazing Fr. John followed by the most relaxed evening in a quaint village bar anticipating the day ahead with friends.


When the morning finally came I was not in the slightest surprised by the calm and relaxed atmosphere.  The girls were in no rush, the boys doing what boys do, taking their time getting together.  Myself, I was dying to witness the ceremony performed by Fr. John, possibly my favourite priest I have ever met.


We had decided to take it easy with photos as Ruthy and Shanie wanted to spend time with their guests, we decided we'd do the family and bridal party with minimal couple shots followed by some more shots on Sunday.  Everything went perfectly to plan, spending 40 minutes getting the essentials so as the day could be enjoyed.  And enjoyed it was.


Panic Animal supplied the musical entertainment for the evening, this was by far one of my most favourite weddings to enjoy as a guest.  Even I, Mrs Sidelines, spent the evening on the dancefloor which was filled with guests, giving it their all.


Ruthy and Shanie you have all my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your day, I had an absolute ball, it was an honour and a pleasure and I am so happy to share not only these photos with you but I look forward to sharing many memorable moments with you in the future.

With all of my love,



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