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Light and Love at the Osprey

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was quite excited when Amanda got in touch with me.  She quickly decided to book and sent me on her address for our meeting, the road where my Dad grew up.  It turned out both our Dads were great friends growing up and still to this day.  I love when I find a mutual connection with a client, it happens so often.


Amanda and Derek were so excited when I met them, happily planning their day to a t.  I know straight away that this would be a beautiful yet relaxed affair with all of those closest to them.  Little did I know that I would feel so at home on the day, spending time with people who are as warm and open as any Ballybough person I have ever met, I love this area and I love these people.


The sun came out in force on the morning of the wedding, giving us beautiful blue skies.  Neighbours gathered around outside the house singing their hearts out as Amanda appeared down the stairs, this was a dream day for a dream bride.  Groomsmen were in the mood for a laugh, bridesmaids caught dancing in the background, every part of this day was light hearted and fun. 


I was struck by how close and relaxed Amanda and Derek were during our photo session, we had a short walk, chasing shade in the bright light and all the while both moved in perfect unison.  Amanda would drop her hand and Derek would find it without even having to look at each other, they fit perfectly, in every way, move as one, live as one and now finally they are as one.


Amanda and Derek, I thank you and your beautiful boys, along with your amazing families for such a fantatsic day.  It is always an honour to be a part of any wedding but yours will hold a special place in my heart, the evening finished off so perfectly as I left you all dancing in the most colourful room.  I hope your life is forever filled with colour and light as it was when I last saw you both, I wish for you continued fun and laughter, warmth and security but most of all a successful marriage and I do not doubt that you will love each other for the rest of your lives. 


All of my love,



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