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Glyding through love

September 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've known Ger almost as long as I've known my husband.  In fact, my husband was best man at the wedding, so there are so many tales I could tell, such as the fact that I first met Emma at my own wedding, she and Ger were still a new couple way back then.


Ger & Emma are a true love story though.  They met through their love of music, discussing various different songs under the guise of hot2hustle and stargazer, both fans of a Wicklow band - Glyder, Emma was a member of the bands forum which Ger helped to run.  Meeting at a Glyder album launch gig love blossomed.  They went on to use their love of music as a reason to see each other, Emma would often come to visit just on time to see a Glyder gig. 


There were years of to-ing and fro-ing between Dublin and Durham for visits until finally Ger decided to move over.  Kev always told me he expected Ger to live in the UK, somehow he always knew that's where his best buddy would end up, and so for the big move I lost my husband for a few days as he and Ger took their last road trip together, bringing all of his belongings over to Durham.  There are many ways I could go with that story but let's just say they enjoyed a scenic route.


The news of an impending wedding really didn;t surprise anyone.  Both Emma & Ger had been enjoying settled life together for 6 years so it was about time they took the step to say 'I do'.  The next decision was Dublin or Durham....  It very nearly was Dublin at one stage but in fairness, their lives are in Durham and those that love them had no problem going over there.  Myself and my husband made a little holiday of it too, heading over a few days in advance to be there on Ger's birthday.


The day before the wedding was spent going from here to there getting the last bits sorted, I was even invited along on the trip with the boys to get the suits, Bernard, Ger's dad, broke the news to me about snakes in the UK.  Now that I recall, he did mention Ireland's second Ice Age as being the reason for our lack of snakes rather than St. Patrick, I'm still to figure that one out Bernard.


Whitworth Hall is the most amazingly quaint hotel, it's small and personable but with huge character and the grounds are just out of this world.  With the sun beaming amid a clear blue sky myself and the bridesmaid Sinead headed down to Emma's house nice and early.  Here I was to witness Emma receiving her multiple gifts from Ger on the morning of her wedding.  So thoughtful of you Ger, I really don't recall receiving any on the morning of my wedding, Emma you're a lucky girl ;)  Soon I was back in the hotel photographing Ger opening his awesome gifts, you guys are so thoughtful. 


Weddings are celebrated slightly different in the UK, we tend to have a greeting after the ceremony for instance, I remember the co-ordinator on the day telling me they don't do this over there, well with us Irish they had no choice.  The ceremony was slightly later than usual and the meal earlier which meant I really wanted to work hard and get the necessary shots done so as not to pull Emma & Ger away from their guests for too long.  I must say everyone was fantastic about posing and moving along quickly in order to get the job done.


Unsurprisingly the evening finished off with many a song from Kev, I was a little sad when he sang Bed of Roses and I had nobody to dance with until I noticed Ger was also missing so myself and Emma had our first dance together where she twirled around the floor like a ballerina. 


Emma & Ger, we had so much fun on your wedding day and not only do I want to thank you for inviting us but we are both so grateful for you to give us such awesome jobs to do on the day.  I am so happy to have spent this day with both of you and your families along with of course the other evenings too.  I promise it won't be long until we get over again, next time we will bring the girls.


Lots of love,




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