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When I met Joohi and Mark I left smiling from ear to ear.  Why?  Because they are infectious.  Joohi has this awesome love of life and Mark is so head over heels he just looks at her in amazement.  I knew I would love this wedding and love it I did.


It was such a beautiful day and for that I was grateful, Joohi's parents came all the way from India for the first trip to Ireland so it was great for them to experience the day without our usual rain. 


Although Mark and Joohi are together just 2 years, they both knew very quickly that they were made for each other.  After only a couple of visits to Mayo meeting Mark's family, his mother told him he needed to marry this girl.  On the other side, at a very young age Joohi sat at home drawing a picture, when her dad asked his young daughter what she was drawing she said it was her husband.  To his amusement however, the husband she drew had blonde hair and blue eyes, few and far between in India he knew and he quizzed where she had seen this.  On the tv Joohi said.  Years later, here in the Emerald Isle she found her blue eyed boy, and I was blessed with the honour of documenting their wedding.


The Spa Hotel in Lucan is a gem, of course I love that it is so close to home but it gives so much more than expected.  The reception room is possibly one of the most glamorous in Dublin, the food is exceptional and the wooded gardens out front give the most amazing options for photos.  The day was planned to perfection, so much so that Joohi and Mark were ready for the meal to be called early, which almost never happens.


Joohi topped off a perfect day by changing into another beautiful dress once she and Mark enjoyed their first dance.  As she took to the floor the dj decided to play some Indian inspired music and along with her mother and father Joohi danced like her life depended on it.  The guests gathered and cheered, amazed by the talent.  


I walked out the door leaving a dancefloor full behind me, knowing that this day would be one that will stay with me for a very long time.  Joohi and Mark, I wish you both every happiness, I hope Joohi continues to be so infectious people have no choice but to smile and I hope Mark always has that schoolboy who got the girl charm, worshipping every step Joohi takes.


Lots of love,





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