Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography | Destination Weddings

With many young Irish Couples going abroad for their dream destination wedding it can be quite difficult to arrange everything and know you have suppliers whom you can trust.


Some hotels or planners have only one option for your wedding photography, is this option one that suits you best?

If not then you may consider hiring a local Irish Photographer to do the job.  Cost wise there may be a difference, depending on your venue and planner, some may only offer packages with expensive albums that could make it better for you to bring your own photographer.  You should note that any photographer travelling for a destination wedding can work only your wedding in that week, this means one of 3 things, many will not be prepared to travel as this reduces their earning potential, a photographer who does travel for destination needs to charge accordingly, 1 wedding for the week as opposed to 2 or even 3 and thirdly, you can rest in the knowledge that you are the centre of attention for this photographer for the whole week.

How do you know that you will be happy with the photographer as a person if you will not meet them until your big day?  This is the person who will be with you all day long!

Booking a local photographer can keep your mind at ease on a number of issues:

A pre-consultation here in Ireland, more than one if required, to ensure that you are completely happy with your choice.

No language barrier, you can be sure that you and your guests can converse and follow the directions of the photographer with ease.

Each destination package includes an engagement shoot, this shoot can be here in Ireland or abroad the day before your wedding.  As I would be there for 3 days minimum, required to ensure delays do not affect your wedding, you can have photography coverage the day before, the day of your wedding and some natural relaxed shots the morning after, your first full day of being Mr. & Mrs.  That is coverage over the course of 3 days!

As a former air hostess I am well travelled, I enjoy travelling, even long flights and I am comfortable in foreign countries.  I am also very comfortable around people, sociable and friendly, I ensure not only you feel at ease with me but also all of your guests too! 

When covering a destination wedding pricing needs to be customised to your requirements and your destination to adequately cover your photography and my expenses.  For safety of course, I travel with an assistant to be sure I have help on hand as and when I need it.