Rachel Fox Wedding Photographer Dublin, Ireland Photography | faq

It's ok to have questions, this is a big decision so to help you here are some of the most common things you might ask me.


I love the look of your natural wedding photography! What is the best way to describe your style?

There are so many different ways we photographers can describe our styles, photo journalism, contemporary, reportage etc etc.  For me the best thing I can say is my style for weddings is a mix between natural and classical.  I like my clients to feel relaxed and enjoy their session yet still receive the classic shots that have lasted through the ages, with a touch of natural laughter and emotions.


We see so many wedding photographers offering a certain number of images, what do you offer and do we receive printable files?

The thing is, I could say you will receive x number of images and spend my time taking as many random shots as possible, however I want you to use your images and enjoy them.  For this reason I do say a minimum of 300 yet most of my clients will receive many more.  Of course the number of photographs will vary with regards to which package is booked along with guest and bridal party numbers. 

Each is supplied in an 8x12 inch size, 200 ppi and in a smaller watermarked version for internet use.  Of course larger sizes can be supplied but it really isn’t feasible to store every image in a super large size, if you need a larger version of an image, just ask.


Do we get every single shot included?  Can I ask for more beyond what I receive?

What you get is the best of the best.  I will always cull the images and remove those with closed eyes or images that have just not worked for whatever reason, be it a passer by in the frame, a sneeze or some other random act.  You will always get images from each section of the day and should feel more than happy with the coverage.  As I take duplicates of each shot to ensure I have something to give you can be pretty much guaranteed that you will require no further images.


How do I know you are the right photographer for me?  Will my photos all look like your sample shots?

It’s quite simple really, my sample shots are real client’s recent weddings.  I see no point in showing images from 2 years ago so my galleries are now directly linked to my blog, each post you see will have been shot in the previous months or even weeks, sometimes even days.  This way you get a feel of exactly where I am at right now and also through my writing you will have quite a good idea of the type of person I am.  Getting along personally with your photographer is extremely important, after all you will spend a lot of time with this person.


So is the quality the same throughout the whole day?

Yes! Yes and yes again!  Consistency is of huge importance to me, you will see my style flow easily from one wedding to the next but more importantly you can see that each image is just as sharp as the next with even lighting.  Feel free to ask to view a full wedding from start to finish!


What comes after the wedding? How long do we wait?

I love editing wedding photos so within a max of 3 weeks (depending on my schedule) you will receive a link to your blog post.  Viewing the post first means that you get that WOW feeling..  Once you have seen your blog I link you to your password protected gallery, here you can view all images from your big day and download them also, saving the need to meet again should you be too busy.  Of course at your convenience we can meet when you will receive a usb and should you wish to receive an album you can also go over the samples.


How about the serious stuff, do you have insurance?

Yes I do, happily it has never been relied upon but it is there just in case!


What if you become ill?

In the real world this is always a possibility, thankfully it has not happened as of yet and would need to be a pretty serious issue to pull me away from my work, which I take very very seriously but should the situation occur a suitable replacement will be found to the best of my ability, otherwise of course a full refund of any monies paid will be given, without question.


Are you a full time professional or are you juggling with a full time job?

I work solely as a photographer and 90% of my work would be weddings so other than juggling family life, as we all do, my attention is purely on my photography, just how I like it.


Do you have backup equipment in case of malfunction?

Yes I do, thankfully again this has not been relied upon as of yet.


Do you travel?

I travel across Ireland, although the majority of my work tends to be in Dublin and surroundings such as Meath, Kildare and Wicklow I would also visit Wexford and Louth often enough and even Galway, Cork and Kerry.  I have yet to photograph in Donegal but I look forward to doing that someday.


Do you go abroad for work?

Yes I do, not as often as I would like!


Ok, so far so good, how do we book you and what is needed to complete our booking?

In order to book me for your wedding photography it is of course best to meet first.  Of course I have many clients living abroad so should you not be able to meet, the booking can be done online.  A signed contract and a deposit of €300 is required to complete your booking.


Where do we meet?

I offer a choice to meet at your venue or home if either is in Dublin or close surrounding.  However for further afield clients we can of course arrange to meet somewhere within a reasonable distance.


How much notice is required to book you?

It is best to book as soon as you have made your mind up.  Some dates can be booked 2 years in advance, it really is just luck as to who gets there first.


Let’s do this, how do we book you to become our wedding photographer?

You can click on the contact page and send me a mail but alternatively you can call me.  All the details are there and I look forward to hearing from you.


Do you mind if I ask some more questions?

Ask as many as you wish, just give me a call or send me an email.