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A successful relationship is not based upon how many months or years a couple have spent together but on their commitment to each other, their love and their trust.  It certainly does help however that Carly and Darren have spent half their lives together already.


Having met in school Carly and Darren were childhood sweethearts and although their lives went in different directions at times, with continents between them, they always came back together, knowing that home was in each others arms.  Home is not about the 4 walls you live in, it's about the people who surround you, the people you build your dreams around and both Carly and Darren knew, no matter where they were that their dreams were to be accomplished together.


On the morning of the wedding I met Darren and his buddies struggling to tie ribbons on the car outside his home.  They laughed and giggled like school kids, just as they had done in their school days.  It's refreshing to see a couple come so far in life and still retain those friendships they had when they were young.  This says a lot about their commitment and devotion to those they care for.


Carly and her friends were super relaxed, enjoying the pampering and excited for the day ahead.  As the girls came to see her in the dress everyone was overcome by how absolutely stunning she was, a picture of class and elegance.


I loved spending the day with this group, a bridesmaid who had done so at 2 of my previous weddings, another bridesmaid a previous bride, the bride a previous bridesmaid and the bestman a future groom, I have come to know these people over the last few years and I love their eagernes for life and having fun.  Almost all knew exactly what to expect from the day so it was completely easy going flowing from one shot to the next my work was done in great time and the party was truly ready to rock.


And rock it did, Till death do us party supplied the fantastic entertainment for the night and I left waving goodbye to all dancing the night away.


It is everyone's dream that they will one day have that best friend who has seen it all and still stood by their side, wiped their tears, cheered them on, kept them strong.  Carly and Darren you both have that together and your love and devotion is an inspiration to those around you.  I know this will not be our last time spent together, I look forward to meeting up again soon but until then please know that I genuinely am grateful for having been chosen to witness and capture your day.  You are the goal that many dream of and long may that continue.


Until the next time, with all my love,




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