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It's so hard to be continents away from those you love, sharing life through skype chats and emails.  Martina and Peter know this better than many so when they decided to wed they couldn't imagine doing it anywhere but home.


It's a huge credit to both Martina and Peter that not only did they share their day with so many close family and friends, people they were able to maintain relationships with, despite their distance, but they also had some of their Oz friends travel with them to celebrate the occasion.  Of course when you are going to bring friends half way across the world to see your home you need to show the best of it, what better choice than the Cliff at Lyons, a stunningly beautiful venue with old time beauty, breathtaking cottages and understated charm, guys you chose the best of the best.


Without doubt the excitement of this day was that bit more than your average wedding, there were friends who hadn't been seen in years due to arrive and share the day so both Peter and Martina had something extra to look forward to.  My own excitement of course was added to when I arrived to see the girls were being made up by none other than Aoife Troy.  Yes this might be a shameless plug to convince Aoife to clear her calendar next time I am in need but honestly, this girl is beyond comparison.  And again, Martina had the best of the best.


In my local parish church with the ever pleasant Fr. John, Peter stood patiently waiting his bride's arrival.  No matter how many times he had looked upon Martina though, nothing was to prepare him for the picture of perfection and happiness that walked down that aisle, linked in her father's proud arm.  Every step of the day was smiles and laughter to the maximum, and appreciating each moment as it came.


With the utmost resect and consideration, Martina decided to stop off and see her elderly Grandmother on the way from church to venue.  As the loss of her beloved mother was felt on this day, as it is every day, Martina ensured to feel her presence as much as possible, carrying with her a medal tribute upon her flowers followed by the emotional reunion with her Grandmother, too ill to attend the ceremony.  Photos of these moments are ones that I respect and enjoy the most as these are amongst the most treasured moments of a person's life and Martina, I hope you know how I honoured I feel to have witnessed this moment, thank you for giving that to me.


Moving on to the venue stunned many a guest, never mind the amazing surroundings, the Cliff at Lyons' hospitality is the best you will find, smiles and welcomes gallore warm every heart, along with the cosy open fire making you feel even more at home.  Here we found our photo session to be completed with ease, a short walk from the Mill to the ancient church gave many beautiful spots to stop for photos.  We spent little more than 40 minutes completing our formal shots and even within just this short period the staff at Lyons stopped by to ensure all needs were met and all mouths were refreshed. 


This day gave so much, it gave love, friendship, compassion and joy.  Even for me.  I left with a fresh appreciation for the enjoyment of life, of moments and of those I care about.  Life takes us in so many directions, for Martina and Peter it took them quite far away and although a part of them will always remain here their life for now is in Australia.  This means that they have adapted to their circumstance, yes they have developed new friendships but they have also developed the ability to get everything they can out of each moment, it's like time slows down with them, not in a way that it drags but in such a way that you feel like you can breathe, watch, appreciate and feel. 


To the beautifully bubbly and happy Martina and the ever courteous and delightfully excited Peter, I thank you for allowing me to witness your love and I thank you for reminding me how to feel each and every moment.  You live life to the full and are an absolute pleasure to be around.  I wish you the very best in the future and I do honestly hope our paths will cross again.


With all of my love,



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