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I've met Alan and Sarah on numerous occasions, in fact he was best man at one of my closest friend's weddings recently, so it was no surprise when they asked me to shoot their wedding.  Despite the amount of times we have met in the past, our paths always crossed quickly so this gave us great opportunity to get to know each other well.


The first thing that struck me was how interested in the wedding Alan was, for him this was the wedding of the century and he was ensuring that everything would be perfect for his Sarah.  Sarah is such a sweet natured girl, very quiet and relaxed so Alan's great interest balanced them out perfectly.


On the day of the wedding the girls were so relaxed, they had a room to themselves in the local salon and every need they had was met by the vast amount of staff, ensuring all hair and make up was completed with plenty of time, a girl as relaxed as Sarah should stay relaxed and this was the perfect setting.  The boys were excited and eager to get going, so much so that they were ready on time for me, a rarity.  There was no panic, just pure happiness.


Having the ceremony in my local church, I was excited to work with the ever smiling Fr. John again.  I always feel so comfortable and at home here but not more so than on this day.  Sarah and Alan had eyes only for each other and it was a beauty to watch, I could have sat and watched them all day.  Even looking at an image of them smiling into each others eyes now still makes me think of a quote that entered my head on that day; From this day forward you shall not walk alone, her heart shall be your shelter and his arms shall be your home.


The sentiment of this quote stayed with me for the day, Alan and Sarah were a pleasure to watch together, always mindful of where the other was, ready to reach out and re-confirm their own presence, crying together during speeches, laughing together of course at Jonathon's fantastic words of encouragement and dancing together right until I said goodnight and I'm sure for quite some time afterwards too.


Alan and Sarah, I look forward to many more times spent together in the future, it was a blessing to witness your marriage and I thank you for giving me the chance to have such insight into your families and your love.  They may say that love makes the world go around, we know different but in my ripe old age I want to remind you that love is what makes the world worthwhile and right now, your world is looking like a fabulous place.




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